Drumming Workshops with Rhythmweave

“...the best and most effective facilitating session on music I've ever seen.” ...You didn't think I'd waste a quote as good as that did you?

Rhythmweave run interactive, hands-on team-building and music events.

Making music together is a fantastic experience. It is great for team-building: by its very nature it encourages listening, co-operation and sharing.

And it's good for you! It boosts confidence and self-esteem, helps with co-ordination and can aid rehabilitation and recovery.

We will bring drumming, percussion, singing and even story-telling workshops to you, each one tailored to meet the needs of your group whatever their age or ability.

Schools, colleges, residential care homes, businesses, health groups, youth groups, charities, we work with them all.

Weddings and birthday parties...we will come along with songs, stories and rhythms to make them even more memorable.

Rhythmweave specialize in:

  • Drumming, percussion and cultural awareness programmes for mainstream and special needs schools

  • Groups learning English as a second language

  • Residents in care homes

  • Stress-busting and health promoting events for special needs and self-help groups

  • Community-building/community cohesion events and community drum circles

  • Festivals and Community Arts events

  • Parties, celebrations and ceremonies

  • Team-building/Awayday events for organisations and businesses

  • Conferences

We work with groups from 5 - 100. We will work with you to tailor a programme for your specific needs.

Rhythmweave is based in Lancashire. We work throughout the North of England.

Can our natural rhythm heal us?

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Can our natural rhythm heal us?

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